So, you need to sell your home in Northern Colorado fast? Well, you’ll need to know this: home’s that sell quickly are the ones that show best. How do you make sure your house is ready for show—let us help.

7 Tips for Preparing Your House to Show

Whether you’re selling a tree-house or a townhome, a cottage or a castle, there are a few quick tricks that will have your home ready to sell at a moment’s notice. Here are seven tips for getting your house ready for its big reveal.

1. Tidy up your space.

Not much is worse than showing off a messy home. Dirt, dust, and clutter make your home seem less inviting and less appealing. Cleaning up before any showing is a necessary evil if you want to put your best foot forward.

2. Eliminate bad odors.

Well, there is one thing worse than a messy home: a smelly home! If dirt and dust make your home less appealing, bad odors will make your home downright unpleasant. A quick spritz of air freshener or a wall plug-in is all you’ll need to make your home smell as fresh as a spring meadow.

3. Make minor repairs.

Broken floor tiles or scuffed baseboards may not matter much to you, but they can be an easy turnoff to potential buyers. You may know there’s nothing wrong with your home, but a buyer doesn’t know that. In any market, it’s important to fix the easy details so you don’t leave buyers wondering if there are any issues lurking below the surface.

4. Buy a new welcome mat.

One easy way to make your home more inviting is to buy a new welcome mat for the front door. Welcome mats help you put forth an inviting face—and they let buyers know that in your home they’re, well, welcome!

5. Invest in your landscaping.

The first thing any visitor to your house sees is your front landscaping. A broken mailbox or some dead flowers can leave a bad first taste in any buyer’s mouth. Cleaning up your front porch, planting some flowers, or even just mowing the yard can go a long way toward making a great first impression.

6. Add a fresh coat of paint.

Like making small repairs or cleaning up your landscaping, repainting a room or two can work wonders to make the whole house look fresher. Paint can make your home look new and stylish, two key attributes when trying to sell fast.

7. Hire the right realtor.

Having your home look appealing outside and in are the first steps to pleasing any buyer—but hiring the wrong realtor can make your hard work on the house feel useless. The right realtor will know how to market your house to the right buyers and will be able to successfully highlight the home’s features and selling points. Before hiring anyone, ask for a track record оf sales thаt proves thеу knоw hоw tо sell уоur house fast.

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