No matter how you spin it, moving is expensive. By the time you invest in packing boxes, hire quality movers, and bury yourself in packing tape and bubble wrap, you’re frustrated and broke. Looking to save a few bucks? Here are 6 fool-proof ways to save money on your next move—whether it’s down the street or across the country.

How to Save Money When Moving—Our 6 Fool-Proof Tips

1. Look for free moving boxes.

First and foremost, moving supplies are a big money waster. Why are you spending a hundred dollars on cardboard that you’re just going to throw away in two weeks? A smarter solution to wasteful moving supplies is to look around for free moving boxes. Often, you’ll find that department stores, liquor stores, and big box stores (like Wal-Mart, Target, and Costco) will offer you free cardboard boxes if asked.

2. Compare moving company prices.

When choosing a moving company, you have to be cautious. To avoid any scams or over-the-top pricing, you’ll want to compare the costs of each moving company you’re considering. It’s best to get quotes from at least three moving companies prior to selecting. Throw out the low-ball offer to avoid scams and make sure to negotiate any high offers.

3. Move at an “odd” time.

Move on a weekday. Move in the dead of winter. Move any time that’s not a sunny, Saturday afternoon in May. Seriously—moving during the busy season will cost you. If you’re looking to save, it’s best to move in the offseason when moving companies are more willing to cut deals for the extra business.

4. Do the up-front work yourself.

Even if you choose to hire a moving company to help you transport your boxes from point A to point B, do all of the upfront work yourself. Pack and label everything before your moving day. Have everything ready to go in one area of your home to allow for easy access for your movers. Most moving companies charge by the hour, so whatever you can do to speed up the process may save you a few hundred bucks.

5. Sell and donate before the move.

To give yourself a bit of wiggle room, consider selling items on Facebook Marketplace or having a garage sale before the big day. For items that don’t sell, donate them to a local charity. You’ll be able to rid yourself of any excess junk (and you, or your movers, won’t have to lift it)!

6. Be smart about utility shutoffs.

Be smart about shutting off and restarting water, power, and gas services. Make sure you estimate the full cost of moving and don’t forget to include any utility shutoffs or start-up fees.

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