Moving across the country? Moving several states away? Long-distance moves are quite a bit different than moving across town. In order for your long-distance move to go smoothly, you’ll need to be prepared. Here are 7 ways you can prepare for your upcoming long-distance move.

1. Purge your home.

Our best advice to prepare yourself for any move? Purge your home of any unwanted clutter. There is no sense in paying to move items that you won’t use in your new home. Simply make arrangements to donate them before you begin packing.

2. Organize your packing process.

Nothing slows down a move like a disorganized packing process. As you are packing, mark each box with your name, the room where it will go, and a short description of what is in the box. Ideally, it’s best to color coordinate (aka use different colored markers for each person or room) when marking boxes. This will make it easy for movers (or yourself!) to sort the boxes into proper rooms when you arrive at your new location.

3. Pack your boxes for the trek.

Unlike a move across town, your home’s contents are in for quite the journey. Some of your belongings may spend several days on a truck or in a U-Haul box, so you will want to make sure they are packed appropriately. Using special packing materials meant for moving items like dishes or glassware to ensure safe travels.

4. Choose the right moving company.

Select a mover that has experience with long-distance moves. You should do research ahead of time to find out movers in the area and gather quotes from each. No matter what mover you choose, it’s best to purchase extra insurance ahead of time so that you are fully covered if anything gets damaged during the long-distance trek.

5. Plan for your pets.

Moving far from home isn’t just difficult for you; it’s hard on your pets, too. Make sure to have a plan for your pet on moving day—and remember that movers will likely leave doors wide open while they maneuver around. Consider how you will get your pet from your old home to your new home (and maybe invest in a comfortable carry crate if you don’t already own one!).

6. Investigate your move-in situation.

Moving long-distance can make it difficult to coordinate the actual day-of process. However, you’ll want to find out where to park, where the movers can park, and where your moving truck or box should be placed upon arrival. If additional parking permits are required in your new city, you’ll want to obtain those before the move begins.

7. Make note of your delivery date.

When moving long-distance, you might not get a concrete delivery date for your belongings. Depending on the moving company or storage service you chose, delivery can vary. Make sure you have plenty of clothes to get you through the moving time; plus pack any essentials with you, instead of adding them to the moving truck or box.

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