Thinking about selling your home in Northern Colorado? Well, now is the time. As the U.S. housing marketing begins to slow, analysts are still predicting continued growth for homes near Denver, Colorado this year. According to Realtor.com, experts expect homes in the area to improve in price sold by 6.8%. Think your house can compete? Here are 6 improvements you can make today to add value to your home.

6 Improvements That Add Home Value Fast

1. Update Your Landscaping

When a prospective buyer pulls up to view your home, what’s the first thing they will see? If it’s not a bright green, cheery lawn, you might have some work to do. Updating your landscaping—even adding flowers or shrubbery to the front flowerbeds or adding on window boxes—can help prospective buyers see a home they dream to live in.

2. Install Energy Efficient Appliances

Energy efficiency is so important in this day and age. Prospective buyers care about sustainable living—and you should too. To add value to your Northern Colorado home, consider installing energy efficient appliances, like new refrigerators, dishwashers, or clothes dryers, before putting it on the market.

3. Replace Old Windows

If you have old windows in your home, you’re losing quite a bit of heating and cooling to the great outdoors. On average, replacing old windows with energy-efficient models can save you from high energy costs (up to $450 per month!). Having a realtor explain these kinds of savings to a prospective buyer can be a tremendous game-changer.

4. Paint the Walls

Adding a fresh coat of paint in your home can do wonders for resale value. Neutral colors are most appealing to a vast majority of prospective buyers, so repainting rooms in grey or taupe tones can make the most impact.

5. Remodel Your Bathroom

Taking on a home remodeling project can be a heavy task—but, it can help you get an even bigger return when you sell your home. Bathrooms are often high on the list of rooms prospective buyers enjoy seeing newly remodeled—likely because a bathroom takes a beating over the life of a home. Installing a new shower or more visually appealing vanity could increase your ability to sell ten-fold.

6. Make Your Home Smarter

Smart homes and tech-savvy appliances are all the rage this year. Installing these items—like a smart refrigerator or a Nest learning thermostat—will make your home immediately more attractive to home buyers interested in technology. And, who isn’t in 2019?

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